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Relationship Enrichment Seminar | Ihmissuhdeseminaari

with Dr. David & Eileen Courey

Join us for The Stirring Konferenssi  from  20 – 22 October 2017. Come, get stirred and empowered to accomplish God’s plans for your life and ministry.  This conference will hold in English and Finnish and is opened to everyone – Christians and non-Christians.

Tule mukaan! Innostu ja syty Jumalan suunnitelmasta elämässäsi. Tämä tapahtuma on tarkoitettu sekä kristityille että ei-kristityille. Konferenssi on kaksikielinen (suomi – englanti).

Date: 20.10 – 21.10.2017
Venue: Thorstorp – Vanha Maantie 12, 02650 Espoo (Beside Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Leppävaara campus/ opposite Angry birds park, Leppävaara).
Time: 6:30 PM // KLO 18:30
Speaker: Tim Paton

Sunday 22.10.2017
Time: 3:00 PM // KLO 15:00
Alberga Kartano
Sokerilinnantie 7, 02600 Espoo

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About the speaker:

Timothée Paton was born in the volcano region of Central France to Scottish and English missionary parents.
In 1999, after serving as a pastor, Timothée was stirred by the needs of the children living on the streets and in the slums of Cambodia. He gave away everything and flew out to Phnom Penh.
Over the years Timothée launched 4 different ministries: ‘The Bridge of Hope’, ‘The Bong Paoun Project’, ‘You’ve Got Talent!’ and more recently ‘GospelTALK’ which seeks to equip public speakers to share the Gospel story in creative ways.
Besides his ministry in Cambodia, Tim travels on every continent, speaking in universities, youth rallies, Bible schools, churches and in the media, challenging young and old to take the Gospel to the least, the lost and the last.
Timothée has witnessed many of God’s people leave the shore. He is inviting everyone to get into the boat.
His book ‘It’s Time You Left the Shore’, translated in several languages, takes less than one hour to read but could spare the reader wasting the only life they have.
Each chapter will stir anyone to move out with their gifts and talents into the deep end of world mission.

Timothée is based in Kep, South of Cambodia.